Small joys

It is the little things that count!

And sometimes there are not many to count, however at the end of a manic morning, the final baptism was a quiet affair, only about 20 people – just how I like them!!

It wasn’t that that made it special.  The family were related to people I knew from a recent funeral, the granddaughter of the recently departed had just been born, I ‘met her’ as it were before her birth, and now with mum and dad as godparents to the baptise-ee.

I’ll be buying burying (thanks Dot!!) the ashes of said departed later this week.  The whole of life caught up in one small moment and for those families the connections and relatedness made the act of baptism even more special.

These small blessings make all the difference and certainly give me hope for community life!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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  1. Dot Avatar

    so you are buying them eh?

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