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  • Woodfest

    Woodfest again at St. Asaph, don’t miss it! Or try to remember next year… There seem to be a number of different types of people exhibiting or competing. Most working in their field and making a living the way most of us do, wood things being a profitable sideline. There are the commercial firms whose […]

  • There is but one way…

    … to get rid of the snow, and that it to build a sled for the children.  When I have finished it, (June or July sometime) the snow will be gone!  Whilst deciding whether or not to clear the drive and risk the car this morning – (nah, walk!) I was browsing a few books […]

  • Off to GB09

    I think Pip Wilson’s prayer sums it all up for this weekend! A Festival Prayer

  • Small joys

    It is the little things that count! And sometimes there are not many to count, however at the end of a manic morning, the final baptism was a quiet affair, only about 20 people – just how I like them!! It wasn’t that that made it special.  The family were related to people I knew […]

  • the way, was slightly diverted for a time

      I was distracted from writing by an excellent few days, but I did pen this – almost as it was happening. The course material started this train of thought, focusing on who we are… There is a chapel atop a rocky outcrop near St. Beuno’s, the key to which is normally on the hook […]

  • The useful Romany

    Whilst walking quietly along to an internment (observing not doing) I was accosted by a delightful lady who wanted to know where the friary was – well, I told her, but of course she saw the collar – oh reverend, would you just… …half an hour of life story, of trials and tribulations, you would […]

  • In the Middle

    I was duly given the stern advice that one should get one’s priorities right – especially in ministry. God first, then the church, all else follows. My immediate response was of God third at least!! A much better response however was given by means of a meditation in chapel yesterday. God in the middle. Strangely, […]

  • Valentines

    We shared a truly odd service last night. It was Valentines day. St. Valentine the (probably) most well known saint, yet to celebrate it in the context of the Eucharist was strange. I’m not sure why though, there were no pagan overtones, nothing to suggest a ritual sacrifice on the altar, but still, the images […]