Change of Title

With the events of last Saturday out of the way, a wonderful day, topped completely by presiding on the Sunday – more thoughts on that later… I’m toying with the idea of a change of title.  I remember last year John blogging about reluctance relinquished as I entered the diaconate, however I was still rather reluctant to belong to such a listing ship as the Anglican Church.  The Church in Wales, has, I think a few cards left up its sleeve, as long as it plays them before it is too late!!

So still reluctant now?  Not in the same way I think. I still despise the culture of exclusion that predominates the headlines in church circles, notably the negative statement from GAFCON which speaks to me about power and who should have it rather than love and who should share it!!  If exclusion is the message of their Gospel it is not one I read in the Bible, nor one I want to sign up to.  So still reluctant, but willingly and joyfully a priest in God’s Church.

I’m thinking therefore,

‘The Reluctant Ordinand (That Was)’


‘Reluctantly Ordained’

I might have to sleep on it…

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3 responses to “Change of Title”

  1. John Davies Avatar

    The Reluctant Ordained … might do, do you think?

  2. Dot Gosling Avatar

    now that one I like well thought of John!

  3. stubiedoo Avatar

    Yes, its a kind of understated version of ‘The Reluctant: Ordained!!’

    Either that or there are more than one of me

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