Clergy Conference

Being driven north at the beginning of this week really did give me the sense of leaving the office, much more so than last weeks diversion to Cardiff.

Passing Blackpool tower in the far distance shortly we arrived in what appeared to be the middle of somewhere. Lancaster University, situated about 5 miles outside of the town looks from the road like an Israeli settlement. Clean lined buildings closely grouped together reaching up to the sky. The only civilisation around, with a long sweeping road up towards it.

Fortunately for us it was not guarded so well as those Israeli fortresses and we snuck in under the radar.

Meeting a number of kindred spirits, avoiding many un-kindred, commiserating with those who also could not get to Greenbelt and envying those who could!

The reflections this week were of outstanding form, summing the day up in words unfathomable for the rest of us – the sessions skimming the surface of the roof for some, then plummeting in to the sublime and humorous.

Of particular note, and featuring heavily in the revue were the ‘prickly balls’ (do not putt)

Prickly balls

But mostly the food for thought was the beautifully proportioned chapel – spoilt only by projector and screen set in pride of place!!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~





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