Community Bar-B-Q

I’m a bit of a synic when it comes to people and them doing stuff. There is a lot of talk, but not much action. When groups of people do get their act together and do something for each other – like we saw when the country was half under water – the comments are generally something like, oh it’s like the war, everyone pulling together. Well why not all the time. There was a comment on News 24 from a fellow synic, that as soon as the floods are over everyone will go back to nodding in the street and no more.

With this in mind it was a great fun to join the other 22 households on our little estate for a Bar-B-Q on the empty patch of ground. From what I hear, this is going on on other new-build estates where people have been thrown together in far too cramped living conditions. (not a hint in the slightest about Watkin Jones site planning!!) We all made the effort to introduce ourselves and I even got a provisional booking for a wedding. We also realised how small the world is… quite a few of the residents lived in Bangor and surrounding area when I was there, and were chatting about the pubs I worked in, Barrels, (now Joop) and Rascals. The next event to be organised is bonfire night

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