Credo in Deum

The most simplistic of statements. I would probably want to go on to say, Credo ergo sum… this has been an influence from both Hans Kung – minus his mathematical language which I am at a loss to even fathom the grammatical structure! and an influence of a phrase which cropped up in a lecture this past term: 'Humanity at full stretch before God.'
If I believe, truly believe, i.e. believe in God, not just of God, but in God; this believing draws one into the essence of God which for me is in everything. It is I guess like breathing in God. I breathe in God and God dwells within my soul. I am at full stretch, my whole humanity is defined by the one who dwells within. If I breathe more deeply I become immersed in God, in the stuff of life so completely that it takes over the life of the outward body and transforms it beyond this world into the realm of God.

This can sound like spiritual drug taking and in a way it is like that experience, using a drug to induce a euphoric state, but of course this does not last and the user comes 'down'. Breathing on, believing in God, truly believing induces no euphoric state, yet heightens the senses to the outer world so that we care more, see more injustices and live fuller in the knowledge that God is with and beyond. A statement of faith much like a creed from the Iona Community begins: "I believe in a with us God" This is it, for me this is everything. Forget the tradition, the Church, even the Bible. Humanity stretched out before God breathing in the stuff of life, believing in God.

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  1. Kathryn Avatar

    “truly believing induces no euphoric state”?? I beg to differ. It brings no artificial euphoria if you’re comparing it to drug taking, but can make us intensely happy… Ok so I’m being pedantic, but the body is truly amazing. I like the idea of a come down though. Sounds like what happens once Christmas is finished! I’ve never thought of it in that way before. People say they have ‘addictive personalities’; hence some people finding it harder to give up smoking. If this is true, then why are those same people not addicted to going to the gym? It is still something they get a buzz out of etc… I wish I was more ‘addicted’ to God. I do get a sense of euphoria in terms of what you’re talking about… this spiritual drug taking… but why then is it so hard to stay focused? Is it to tiering? Too much like hard work? I don’t know. One of the best prayers I have heard, and one that will stay with me was this simple line; “forgive us this week Lord when we forget about you…” It’s so easily done.
    Rambling as usual.

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