Eh Jesus… for Passover

Eh, Jesus?
Yes Peter?
Did you really ride to Jerusalem on that Donkey?
Well, Yes Peter, you were there.
Sort of Jesus, I was er, taking in the mood of the crowd.
Were you scared Peter?
Yes Jesus.
So, How was the mood?
The mood Jesus?
Of the crowd Peter, you know, the ones shouting a lot.
Oh that, well they seemed to think you were some sort of King.
Anything else?
They shouted Hosannah a lot!
Yes, I heard that one!
They seem to think you are going to overthrow the Roman Rulers.
Oh.  What do you think Peter?
Well…  You have been talking a lot about your Kingdom and the hour being
Been listening Peter, Iʼm impressed.
So, are you Jesus?
What Peter?
Going to overthrow the Roman Rulers?
Yes Peter, but not in the way they think!!
Theyʼre going to kill you for that Jesus.
I know Peter.     (pause)       Peter, are you hungry?
Iʼm always hungry Jesus, you know that!
Well go on and find the others, theyʼll be setting up for the Passover meal.

Eh Jesus?
Yes Peter?
What is it about you and food?
I just enjoy everyoneʼs company and a mealtime is the best time to share it!
Come on, letʼs eat!!


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