Following from the Farm

Although I have still a week to go on the farm, thoughts are entering my head about the future and what I can do. Or more accurately what I feel I am being sucked into!

After many discussions with staff and kids on the farm, it seems that there is a underlying current of understanding of what a ‘priest, minister etc’ is, but no understanding of church, even less understanding of God.

Some even say they believe in the Devil but not in God, but mostly there is just a blank look. For past generations even those non-churchgoers would have a basic understanding of ‘God’ or perhaps what might be expected of those who believe in such a God or even some expectations of those believers in their God.

This generation, the disaffected young teens have no such concept or idea.

How are we to help them grow spiritually? How are we to give them the opportunity which we all had of following the teachings and ways of the Christ in Jesus?

I still believe it is important to get ordained, for me it is about spiritual growth within a tradition following a miraculous life but cannot accept what tradition and the church has done to this. To make the life of Jesus credible it was made incredible, we now have to make that life credible again before we can speak to this generation about spiritual growth and following the way of Jesus.

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