Harry Potter

Oh no, not him again… … you might say,

However, Whilst speaking about death to some students – nice lively topic, I decided to use the last book in the ‘far too popular for its own good’ series of HP. It seems that Dumbledore had a point. (or rather JK Rowling stumbled onto a point) You see, it is only when we can embrace death as a friend that we can die happy, fulfilled. The stories of Beadle the Bard, especially the Deathly Hallows seems to me a prime example of how we deal with death. We either try to fight our way our of a corner, glimpse the afterlife or if really lucky, go through life unafraid, because when death comes it will be as two old friends reunited.

Perhaps this is why so many are insistent that it is possible to cheat aging with creams, lotions and operations – the search for the guise of immortality begins early in life, If we look young, perhaps death will pass us by – fooled, Not so easy!!

How to make a quick million? Sell the elixir of life. It wouldn’t bring happiness, only sadness. So it seems the only way to really cheat death is to embrace it, and whilst waiting for it, because, let’s face it all we are doing is dying, make the most of what we have. So much focus on death, so little focus on life the now, the moment we live in. Focus on it, dwell in it and learn to love the journey.

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