I was greeted in the street this morning by an interesting weather report, ‘The seagulls are flying inland, low over the houses and the Barometer is set for change.’  I didn’t inquire as to whether the pressure was rising or falling! Perhaps ‘set for change’ is an apt description of the climate at the beginning of a year, but without knowing in which direction the ‘change’ will take us.  I’ve no resolutions, I don’t keep them!  But perhaps I should try to finish all the books I started reading last year, before buying new ones, and attempt to live yet more simply.  I note that Peter Owen-Jones (Church Times, Media) will be back on our screens attempting to live as St. Benedict, without money, relying on charity, of course, made for TV he has much backup, but as an experiment in the charity of strangers it should be worth watching!   Part way through study tidying, I have too much clutter, time for change!

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