Jesus on Jeremy Vine

The Jeremy vine show on Radio two can be summed up (and it’s a bit of a caricature I know…) as follows:  Take the ten most opinionated people from across britain and give them an open microphone on a live radio show to discuss (not sure that discuss is the right word) topical issues of the day.  If you’ve heard the show you’ll know what I mean.  I can manage about five minutes before it gets too much.  It’s easy to get your morality in Black and White, to be told what to believe or what to think.  This takes the effort out of it, to leave the thinking to others to be absolved of the responsibility of the results of our actions or thinking.  To know that this is right or good and the other is wrong or bad is often what we look for, clarification.  Newspapers, governments and radio shows know this and fuel our desire to be told either for listeners, to sell copies or to buy our vote.  Jesus is having none of it.  Imagine Jesus on Jeremy vine…

You have heard it was said
Charity begins at home
But if you care only for those near, what have you learnt but to subsist?

You have heard it was said
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks
But if you know only yesterday’s answer, where will you meet the risen Christ anew?

You have heard it was said
A friend in need is a friend indeed
But if you always wait for the call — hesitant, can the name ‘friend’ be a true title to you?

You have heard it was said
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
So where do you see the change coming from for the Kingdom?

You have heard it was said
A little of what you fancy does you good
But if you measure your pleasure by only what appeals to you whose will is done?

You have heard it was said
Blood is thicker than water
Where then is God’s plan for inclusion that heals and brings reconciliations?

You have heard it was said
Paddle your own canoe
But if you seek only what satisfies you where will you be in helping others on their journey?

You have heard it was said
Children should be seen and not heard
But if you deny the children voices how may you know the things that you’ve lost?

You have heard it was said
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
For if you see only what suits you now, where’s the space into which your soul may grow?

You have heard it was said
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
But if your righteousness gives what you would get does it not make a bargain of what can only be free?

Jesus came not to abolish the law but to fulfil it
And to seek in all things The Divine will.

Our real problem, Jesus says, and it’s never black and white, is not ultimately murder, but the anger, frustration, lack of communication, misunderstanding, that lies at it’s core.  Our real problem, he says, is not ultimately adultery, but the lust, desire, restlessness, dissatisfaction in our hearts.  Our real problem, he says, is not when to allow divorce, but the brokenness of our relationships, relationships with each other and with God.  And that is the heart of the matter our relationships.  If you want the black and white version, whatever the situation says Jesus:  it’s only right when everyone wins, it’s only good when no-one goes hungry, it’s only acceptable, when you are reconciled to your sister, brother or neighbour.

You have heard it was said
Sermons are about God and about ten minutes
Jesus’ sermons were mostly about us and as long as it takes

With thanks to PreacherRhetorica

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