NOT buying it

If ever there was a book to be read by ordinands about to go on retreat before ordination, it probably shoudn't be this one!! Right about now we really should be buying it … Well this is me. I never did buy into the whole corporate church thing, the 'deacon – servant' and 'priest – enabler of the sacramental' bit is fine, but it is (and this is related to the book) far to commercial. It is also expensive! i.e., the lovely house which you can't afford to run… The passage related in the short Resurgence review, (no suprises that this book is reviewd in Resurgence) is about Christmas eve, probably the epitomy of commercial christianity.
So I'm not buying it. I probably won't buy the book either, it seems to be a self help guide to stopping shopping, and I really can't see me needing that! Yet there is merit in the idea of not progressing the chain of commercialism, perhaps a good sermon book for harvest??

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