on being ready

tilesadventGetting ready is easy – we’re good at getting ready. 

Being ready is different.

I guess it’s the same difference as Being v’s Doing.
Stir up Sunday has come and gone
Christmas pud is good as done.
Black Friday deals
present shopping sprees
dinner decisions and drinks dilemmas
invitations for conflagrations at boxing day teas.
Getting ready for Christmas is easy
cards to be written, tips to be given
Rubbish collectors, Window cleaner, Postie, Jones Coal,
Mrs Lister the cat sitter.  Paper shop witterer, uh – Jack!
Wrapping, stuffing, stabbing, basting, pacing, icing, glazing
time wasting with trifle seeking, gelatine tasting  –  urgh.
Boxed up, mixed up, hung up, carved up, placed up, put up, round up, food’s up, stood up, shut up.  Fed up.
Oh getting ready is easy.
Being ready is quiet so very different.
We’re so good at doing we forget to just be.
Advent begins, a time of preparation and waiting.
Watching and waiting are anathema now to the busy season of hasty last minutes.  The bridesmaids trimmed their wicks and stocked up on oil.  Then waited for the bridegroom whilst others were so busy they missed his coming.  Give yourself time to be ready this advent. Even if out tasks remain not yet done.

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