On Placement…

Monday, came rather quickly this week and as usual I was not looking forward to it!

Due to a lack of conversation and a distinct dislike of words on my part, spending a afternoon in the company of a care home full of elderly was not appealing. Not that these people are not lovely individually, just that I really don't know how to cope with 'old'.

So I went, met them, chatted. I didn't actually lose the will to live, (their common room was very much like the one at our college, that's bad for us – not them!!) They were old and slow, but quite funny one or two were even lively. It makes this seem like the care home from hell, but actually it was really well run, the staff were friendly and very attentive in their duties. It's just the 'old' thing. I will be back there on Wednesday and for the next few weeks. Not sure how to use this experience for the future. I guess you just get used to it!!

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