On sharing a little

bread and fishIt’s not much, it won’t feed them all, but it’s all I have.  Sorry, I should have brought more, but this is all there was.  But, before I give it to you – Can I just say?  That’s my lunch.  I know.  It is a little odd.  But I like bread and fish.  Oily fish soaked into a barley loaf.  Mmm.  It tastes great in the sun, sitting on a hillside.  What is going on today? Well I’ve no idea.  I thought something interesting might happen, but to be honest everyone has just been out walking and following the crowds of people.  And now we are all tired.  I’m not sure I want to give you this.  As I said, it’s not very much and it is just so simple.  Please, you are not to be disappointed.  And be careful what you do with it, I need to take the basket home, I’ll need for another day.  Okay, look I’m going to give this to you.  But before I do, just to say there are so many people here, who are you going to share it with?  Everyone will want something.  I don’t want to be starting a row you know.  You’ll be mobbed if you show them that you have got something they have not.  Look, perhaps I’m not ready to share this after all.  Perhaps I can help to go and get something else, help to carry, food for everyone.  We could buy fish and bread for all these from the market if everyone gave a little bit each.  That’s it, go around and ask, and I’ll help to bring it back.  Oh.  You don’t want to do that, do you?  No.  So it’s just the five small loaves and the two fish then.  Did I mention they were small loaves?  Me mam made the bread this morning, the fish is dried, from the market yesterday, sorry.  We can’t afford the fresh fish.  And anyway, there is no fire, so how would you cook it here?  Yes I see now, funny, how convenient that I brought this.  Okay.  Here, you can have it.  I can’t watch, this is going to be awful.  Wait, what are you doing, what’s going on? Hey, this isn’t so bad.  Look at this, they’re all sharing!  But you took that from me.  Wow, I’m so glad I had something to give, and I brought the right thing too.  Even what I had was useful, me mam’s bread, those small loaves.  And two dried fish.  What would have been the point asking for money, no-one would have wanted to give anything, but this way, they’re all so grateful.  And we could never have carried that much from the market.  I thought there would be a row, but everyone’s had something to eat, and more than enough.  You’ve shared it with everyone, there are so many people here.  That’s my basket, and it’s full again, how, did you manage that, I’ve got more to take home than I brought!  I thought you’d be disappointed that I had so little.  Something so simple.  I can’t believe I didn’t want to give this to you.  I was just tired, out walking in the sun with the crowds of people, waiting for something to happen.  Then eating oily fish soaked into a barley loaf sat on a hillside in the sun, what could be better, I like bread and fish.  I guess everyone liked it today.  I’m glad I gave it to you.  I’m sorry that’s all there was, but in the end, it did feed them all didn’t it?  And I’ve now got more than I started with, so, though it’s not much and it’s all I have, it’s yours, every time, every bit.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~







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