Post farm blues

Two weeks and some… after finishing at the farm and I still have not written anything of substance on the experience. I guess it is now time. All that comes to me though is what I said on the last day at the morning meeting. Amelia Farm is a healing place, a place of wholeness where the broken in spirit are restored. It seems at times that each person is paddling in a different direction, outdoors work / maintenance or workshops of music woodwork etc, yet in the end all are going in the same direction and surprisingly they are all doing it together. Now I’m no idealist, there are tensions and mostly these are for the good as problems get resolved before the young people arrive due to the staff meeting each morning. It is essential to meet like that each day. Problems can be aired, people can plan their day with regard for others. It may seem a little simple, but beginning a day together as they do makes such a big difference, if this were a (proper) church you would probably call it morning prayer!

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