Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Now, I don't think I would have even picked up this book if I had noticed the label announcing its credentials as being one of Richard and Judy's choices for summer reading, but if I had passed it over I would have missed out on something rather quaint.
It is not an enthralling read, to be perfectly honest it is a little boring, yet there are moments of interest for the religiously challenged.
The almost requisite 'I used to be forced to church' type reasoning for not belonging any more was stayed and boring. I think everyone remembers that experience, whether it happened to them or not. There was however an appreciation of something lost in British life and as the faith and practice of a Muslim country is encountered. (without of course any direct reference to female subjugation) It was all a little idealist, but what more can you expect from a summer read. Not that it is worth reading the book for, but, there was also an amusing passage about Tesco being the new church, the new ritual for a Sunday… … Tesco's is arriving in Holywell soon

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