Sermon no.1

While friends are sunning! themselves on the distant isle of Iona – I was preaching my first sermon.
It all went well really, of course I wasn't wise to the antics of the church warden, but was quick off the mark away from the lectern, missing the score card from the back by seconds!! It was the batch of eggs that really got me worried.
Well after that I was ready for them, except that during evensong, the organist fell asleep during the prayers and the prayer stool fell apart as I knelt down for the intercessions. – No-one is claiming responsibility yet!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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  1. Dot Avatar

    hey you been thinking of you while here – it is sooooo sunny and beautiful…. oh well off to sing a solo for the evening communion! But I will be back in England tomorrow!!

    hope everything is ok


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