Tag: Cake

  • Snow 'n' Sloe

    A perfect occasion for a quiet wander in the snow and to gather a few of the last remaining sloes.  They are now happily married with some of our apples to top off a warm cake, great to munch in front of the fire!

  • Cakes…

    You would have been forgiven for thinking that following the procession of the cakes into the lounge, the phrase ‘More Tea Vicar?’ would have been swiftly following, however as it was, (delightfully) all pretence was lost as the host, in broad cockney, announced, ‘e ar then mate, elp yourself”  We were all in stitches!

  • Last Saturday

    Last week I and three others were out on a ‘Rural Life Collaborative ministry project’ This week, I am writing about it! Saturday 14th January Departed Cardiff and after 58 miles, one live Army Range, and any number of cattle grids, we arrive at Llangammarch Wells Rectory in the arse end of beyond (Powys actually) […]