Last Saturday

Last week I and three others were out on a ‘Rural Life Collaborative ministry project’

This week, I am writing about it!

Saturday 14th January

Departed Cardiff and after 58 miles, one live Army Range, and any number of cattle grids, we arrive at Llangammarch Wells Rectory in the arse end of beyond (Powys actually) and are greeted by our host and co-ordinator for the week the Revd Catherine Haynes.

After an excellent lunch (food was to feature prominently in the week ahead!) we toured the parishes to meet the incumbents we would be visiting for Sunday worship. The Revd Tim Williams at Aberedw who I would be with the next day, the Revd Ian Charlesworth at Llyswen, the Revd Neil at Trallong was unfortunately out! (our ‘tea and cake’ bellies were not that bothered) It was immediately evident that private transport and the ability to drive are indispensable for rural ministry. (oh, and a huge dog, if not huge, then the ability to jump to head height and bark in your ear is a ‘must have’ attribute)

We drove 80 miles in a round trip visiting Aberedw, Llyswen, and Trallong, these being the centres where the clergy live, not of course necessarily where the churches we will be preaching at are!

On the way back, (a short cut across the hill she said) we passed another live firing range, what is it with these people and guns! We also passed a fake village complete with Bovarian style buildings!

Returned to Llangammarch for evening prayer and supper.

After supper two of us were transported to our lodgings with the church warden. This must be one of the largest parishes I have ever seen, I mean, it’s good to have your church warden at arms length sometimes, but the same diocese would be nice!!

Total mileage so far … 160

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