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  • Idealised country living?

    Following writing on Britain from above, and listening to yesterdays Thinking Allowed I have been pondering on the question of vocational living in any one of these places, rural, semi-rural, urban, city etc. There must be a vocational element to living in each of these, I’ve always been drawn to the rural setting, I don’t […]

  • Last Wednesday

    Recycling. specifically relative recycling. Relative to what? Well no not that sort of relative, your granny, and old dear of some description. Yes we were somehow discussing these issues, I think it began when we tried to out wierd the local vicar You may think that we have spoken of this before, and you would […]

  • Last Sunday

    I get picked up at 7.30am, driven like a rally to another car which then speeds off towards the first of the days parishes. Arriving about an hour early, (due to travelling logistics) I am greeted heartily by a large black Labrador, an indifferent cat and a jovial vicar. It is shortly after 8am – […]

  • Last Saturday

    Last week I and three others were out on a ‘Rural Life Collaborative ministry project’ This week, I am writing about it! Saturday 14th January Departed Cardiff and after 58 miles, one live Army Range, and any number of cattle grids, we arrive at Llangammarch Wells Rectory in the arse end of beyond (Powys actually) […]