Last Wednesday


specifically relative recycling.

Relative to what? Well no not that sort of relative, your granny, and old dear of some description. Yes we were somehow discussing these issues, I think it began when we tried to out wierd the local vicar

You may think that we have spoken of this before, and you would be right, but this time it went all the way, right up to discussion of whether or not anyone would guess when discussing the issue

What we actually did today, (that was of some benefit, not just the faffing about!) was to discuss the ways in which a big organisation which raises funds and gets funding from various bodies, drags all the funding towards itself, uses the money in strange and wonderful schemes, some of which work, some not, then help out all the other charities and small organisations to get funding, but wait it’s all gone – to where?!!!

The afternoon was very pleasant, two villages one dead one alive, one with a dodgy graveyard, one with a million bookshops, (39 actually) oh and a rather nice deli, a number of posh boutiques and a rather good coffee shop!

The other village had pubs of strange reputation and was on a lorry route, due for a by-pass, but still on its last legs.

Such is rural life

The evening was spent rather pleasantly with our hosts, fine food, good wine and the best of company!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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