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  • In the crowd

    There in the crowd. A half smile, world weary but with gestures of warmth. There again. soft words a voice of understanding amidst pain. A slow pace. walking with empathy alongside broken hearts and damaged lives. Vulnerable, humble. Unarmed. For Pax Christi Peace Sunday 15th Jan 2017  Jn.1:29, 36

  • A light and a fear

    High above the gloom of a valley shrouded in the orange glow of neon a misty halo surrounds an old light. Captivating, white with its bright against black skies no others dare invade light enough for now. To lead. She rises over the distant hill. Drawing the wonder Is it brighter on the other side? […]

  • an ark for Epiphany

    Trying to keep up with the promise I made to finish books before buying others, I realise that I am way behind on that score already. Reading yesterdays entry from ‘All Saints’ late, but in keeping with the season, Epiphany. (See Maggi Dawn’s comments on that subject!) Lanza del Vasto a modern prophet and ‘Noah’ […]

  • Epiphany

    It’s still Epiphany – two weeks to go, so why are people in so much of a hurry to take down the seasonal decorations? – I’m holding out for Candlemass…