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  • Locusts and Wild Honey for Christmas Dinner?

    John the Baptist, the voice of one crying in the wilderness:  Prepare the way of the Lord.  He’s a strange character – Locusts and Wild Honey!  What a diet.  Relationships between many things are changing.  This is especially noticeable at Christmas.  The relationship between the winter festival and the celebration of Christmas for example.  Cadbury […]

  • Snow 'n' Sloe

    A perfect occasion for a quiet wander in the snow and to gather a few of the last remaining sloes.  They are now happily married with some of our apples to top off a warm cake, great to munch in front of the fire!

  • Harvest Festivities

    This was shown at the harvest service, someone commented that it always seemed to be sunny in the vicarage garden.

  • Food for the millions

    …and not just for the starving either.  Last night on BBC2 Jimmy Doherty investigated ways of feeding the planet for the future, staring in Brazil, he visited farmers trying innovative ways of providing food from fields growing soy on an unbelievable scale to farming caipon, a native species of crocodile.  I must admit being rather […]

  • cheese-burger a day

    Well according to those who know these things, we should all be eating more! MORE !!! I can’t help but think this is just another little ruse to get people spending a little more – after all any economic activity is good for the economy, even gym memberships! Those who need to eat more will […]

  • Various Items of Food

    Well it is our harvest on Sunday. The grain has been milled into flour, if all goes well…   by tomorrow I should have a (literally) home grown loaf! The Chillies are now chilli marmalade, some others are almost chilli jelly. Fairtrade cadbury’s is just mmmmmm…. FairTrade Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

  • Elderberry wine

    There really isn’t very much to see, smells good though, actually it smells like a pub after a heavy night of drinking, (yeasty, alcohol-ness) which is about right I guess.  I didn’t add any extra yeast it just got going on its own.  According to calculations from many and various places it should be ready […]

  • Harvest – Progress

    I have separated the ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff’,  just be letting the wind do its thing, you really have to do it to understand the phrase in Psalm One But now I have a nice four ounces of wheat grain, there is probably just over that left to harvest eight ounces will make one loaf, […]

  • Preparing for harvest

    This is the first harvest of some wheat I grew this year as an experiment.  I only grew a small patch, so harvesting when each stalk was ready was easy.  It’s drying at the moment, but when ready I’ll be preparing it and grinding some flour.  When all is harvested and prepared I hope to […]

  • Maundy Thursday

    We met with the young people, walked, talked awhile, then shared some food. Not too dissimilar to that last Passover of Jesus, so I wrote this in the style of John Bell and Graham Maule Eh, Jesus?