cheese-burger a day

Well according to those who know these things, we should all be eating more! MORE !!!

I can’t help but think this is just another little ruse to get people spending a little more – after all any economic activity is good for the economy, even gym memberships! Those who need to eat more will already know about it or are ill, those who know how many calories they take in a day won’t need to worry.  Most of those who follow this advice will probably be those who don’t need the extra food! It amounts to a cheese-burger a day, apparently. If I ate one a day i’d need new clothes pretty soon, not to mention a bypass!  I could cycle each day down to the local ‘ahem’ burger joint, but that would probably negate the calorie intake, so I would have to have two, one for the cycle ride and one for me.  What a waste of time/effort/money*

*Delete as you find appropriate!

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