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  • Britain from above

    Andrew Marr investigates Britain from above (BBC1 Sunday) – a revelation – if in reality there is no new information, it is truly a revelation to see Britain in this way, it really does display the preference of the country, in its movements, daily struggle to get to places, the transport networks, infrastructure and information […]

  • It’s Official!

    Finally I can say that I will, all being well, be ordained on the 30th of June not May!! (thanks John!) at St. Asaph Cathedral and licensed to serve my title as curate in the Parish of Holywell.

  • Itchy feet

    No, not athletes foot… We all went off to North Wales last week to see a possible place for a title parish. I had already visited the vicar to see if it would be possible, but this was a longer visit with time to reflect on the town. A small place, much like Caernarfon, a […]