Britain from above

Andrew Marr investigates Britain from above (BBC1 Sunday) – a revelation – if in reality there is no new information, it is truly a revelation to see Britain in this way, it really does display the preference of the country, in its movements, daily struggle to get to places, the transport networks, infrastructure and information paths. Rather than looking at the ever increasing light trails that the program used to display our movements and those of the transport we use, including telephone and internet, I was more interested in the ‘blank’ patches and found myself wondering where these were, some obvious like Snowdon, or Aldermarston but others not so obvious. These blank patches represented a slower pace of life, a life which perhaps was more in tune with the land around it, rather than racing about around the country. The website dedicated to this program has quite a resource of information… Thankfully Holywell seems to be a little out of the ‘mad rush’ areas, I plan to move (when I get the chance) to an even less ‘mad rush’ area next, (and hopefully expand it!)

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  1. Kathryn Avatar

    I never caught that programme but meant to. I like your idea of life being a little slower paced in the less conjested areas. I took a balloon trip for my 30th this year and had the most amazing time. I suggest you do the same at some point. It was the weirdest feeling ever when you initially take off, feet firmly in a basket and yet the ground moving away from under you. I felt like I was dreaming. And when you finally reach a certain altitude, and get away from the neds on the park bench, the feeling and space of when you are totally changes. Everything slows down… there are rabbits and horses and eagles and balloons reflected in lakes. Most amazing. If only ballooning wasn’t so expensive, or I could find a cheeper way to take in the vastness of the world and in insignificance of my own, I would be there in an instant. Hope life is treating you well. It’s been far too long. K x

  2. Kathryn Avatar

    PS. There are photos on face book if you fancy a wee look at the view!

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