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  • Podcast Junkie

    When one comes back to reality, like the weeks following Easter, from all the festivities, there is the desperate need to ‘Catch up’ on what one might have missed! The news from the world was of weddings and atrocities – nothing new there then. Ploughing through the podcast list, I am now reliably informed on […]

  • a bit of a talk…

    “Of course they will expect a bit of a talk…” Those words were echoing through my mind as the first reading from Genesis was being read. Creation, story, unbelief, busses and their god-less messages anything less meaningless!! Inspiration at the last possible moment came whilst drifting away from the reading back to the morning’s breakfast. […]

  • Land-share

    Ok Church of England, it’s up to you – according to HFW that is, on River Cottage Autumn  all that land going spare, plenty of it could be used for growing vegetables and other culinary delights.  The Diocese of London seems to be in on the act.  I wonder if the church would consider going […]

  • Britain from above

    Andrew Marr investigates Britain from above (BBC1 Sunday) – a revelation – if in reality there is no new information, it is truly a revelation to see Britain in this way, it really does display the preference of the country, in its movements, daily struggle to get to places, the transport networks, infrastructure and information […]

  • Trinity in Film

    Last Monday it was hinted at that you couldn’t teach doctrine without lecturing… The film ‘About a Boy’ seems to teach it admirably well, I used it as a reflection for today’s sermon – just watching the film would have been better of course – ‘No man is an Island’  (John Donne, not Jon Bon […]

  • Saturday evening (and night) in concert

    Flicked on the radio this evening while cooking, not expecting much except the usual Saturday evening banter – completely forgetting it was Neil Diamond on Radio 2  evening!! Sublime stuff!! On the red button from 10pm tonight as well.

  • Extreme Pilgrim part two

    Finally I have watched last weeks Extreme Pilgrim episode.  Peter's comments at the end of the program were most pertinent to the church of england's way of life.  Reflecting on them I feel that we are now unapologetically materialist, the economy is more of a bible than our scripture and we are dictated by its […]

  • Extreme Pilgrim

    I’ve just finished watching Extreme Pilgrim on the new BBCi player, v.useful!! Well, I thought I had better watch the program since I preached about it in the context of epiphany!! Revd Peter Owen Jones says that Church of England is intellectual, while one of the religions he is visiting is purely physical in its […]

  • Liverpool Nativity

    Arrived home just in time for the Liverpool Nativity at 8pm last night on BBC3, (if you missed it it is on again next sunday on BBC1) Easter 2006 saw the Manchester Passion denounced as blasphemous, yet probably did more than any other easter story-telling to interest people in that story. So was the Liverpool […]

  • Outnumbered

    Outnumbered is a new comedy from Andy Hamilton – radio 4 junkies will recognise this name from pretty much every panel show. (the funny ones anyway!) Last night was program one, tonight and tomorrow the saga continues, then again for three nights next week. The beauty of this is that the children are unscripted, it […]