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  • There is but one way…

    … to get rid of the snow, and that it to build a sled for the children.  When I have finished it, (June or July sometime) the snow will be gone!  Whilst deciding whether or not to clear the drive and risk the car this morning – (nah, walk!) I was browsing a few books […]

  • Life, Death and Neighbours

    Magazine letter for October: A time when we are in the midst of the refurbishment of a church… Life, Death and Neighbours. That is I think, a pretty good description of humanity.  We live our life, always aware that it has a beginning and an end.  The art of living a life so fulfilled that […]

  • power, POWER and more P O W E R

    is what it is all about. I fear Rowan’s comments were made on a day when there was little news! I also wonder why so many are jumping up and down, wanting him to resign, of course it is just another stick with which to bash him. I feel ashamed to belong to such a […]