power, POWER and more P O W E R

is what it is all about.

I fear Rowan’s comments were made on a day when there was little news!

I also wonder why so many are jumping up and down, wanting him to resign, of course it is just another stick with which to bash him. I feel ashamed to belong to such a church!

Evidently, the age old law enshrined in English law of being allowed to settle a dispute out of court, so long as the two parties agree on the method, has been repealed. Well, I assume it has, because the extent to which the politicians are banging on about the comments made by Rowan Williams in the light of his suggestion that the Sharia laws should, in certain circumstances, eg marriage, be recognised in the uk are a disgraceful show of how power mad and hungry the British politicians are. It also shows a total disregard for religious tolerance in the country. A very humble, and humbling remark from Rowan Williams (how many of us could suggest that someone else knows best in matters of their own faith) that those who wish to choose Sharia law for certain disputes has created the most obvious sign that those who believe that they are in power in this country are afraid.

They fear the word Sharia and its interpretation in some countries, they fear the Muslim population, they obviously fear a cool and calculated mind.

Perhaps the church might watch this debate wrangle on and sidestep the pitfalls of the power hungry.

Where has the hospitality of this country gone?

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