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  • Fourth Person of the Trinity

    Fourth Person of the Trinity

    I want to introduce you to the fourth person of the trinity.  Unlike Douglas Adams, who we forgive for the subtitle of his fifth book of three ‘the increasingly inaccurately titled “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy”’, there is some difficulty in adding to the Holy Trinity, one might assume, however, as A.A. Milne should […]

  • The fourth person of the Trinity?

    The fourth person of the Trinity?

    And so on Trinity Sunday we reflect on the godhead of the Christian faith, alternatively the mathematical impossibilities of three in one and one in three.  That which few understand and fewer share, yet the part which is present in pretty much every liturgy – God: Father, Son and Spirit as if rising from the […]

  • God of the Gap

    You might be forgiven for thinking I was about to launch into something regarding a certain clothes store which had undertaken an alternative advertising programme.  Well you’ll be forgiven, and gladly, wrong!  As far as I know the afore mentioned clothing outlet is not claiming any particular condescension by some deity or other.  God of […]