God of the Gap

You might be forgiven for thinking I was about to launch into something regarding a certain clothes store which had undertaken an alternative advertising programme.  Well you’ll be forgiven, and gladly, wrong!  As far as I know the afore mentioned clothing outlet is not claiming any particular condescension by some deity or other.  God of the Gap relates to the Trinity, the season into which we are about to launch ourselves for a full 22 weeks, that’s twenty-two.  Liturgically described by one as ‘boring green’, the other seasons being full of fun and frolics of course! The phrase God of the Gap(s) relates to a relatively old argument regarding what couldn’t be proven by science as God space, therefore into the ‘gap’ God was inserted to ‘account’ for the mystery.  You might be able to tell by the tone of the ‘apostrophies’ I don’t necessarily agree with that idea.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer was eloquent on the subject, you’ll find his comments on the Wikipedia entry of this search.  What has all this to do with Trinity?  I like the phrase ‘God of the Gaps’ it has something of the ordinary about it, it reminds me of the London Underground, Welsh homework, mountain passes and quiet Sunday afternoons.  God as the in-between, the all-around, surrounding and enveloping.  It fits nicely too with the image of the Trinity as a triangle, a ‘person’ at each corner.  The largest extent of that shape is the gap in the middle, this is the God Space, neither one nor other.  Trinity becomes more than a mystery to be unravelled, a math problem never to be solved, it becomes a potential.  It becomes a space in which to move, to neither be polarized or pigeon-holed onto one path or direction.  It is the God of the gap which moves between us all with love.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~





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