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  • silence & news

    i realised this morning it has been about 1 month since i last posted something here… Since i am sat waiting for a new tyre for my m/bike there was no excuse! News- we have finally gathered the cash together to transform the church in greenfield into a great community space. Mainly thanks to the […]

  • Hafod Eryri

    “The Summit of Snowdon:  Here you are nearer to heaven” Catchy sentiments; and maybe, but still a long way off, were my first impressions.  I think I’ll have to sit out on the theological arguments about that one!!  Later thoughts might have contemplated things along the lines of this: Climbers and walkers are among the […]

  • Umeed Partnership

    I’ve undertaken the ‘small task’ of looking after the website of a local charity, the Umeed Partnership.  I have had links with some of those involved from days in Bangor.  As well as the website, Umeed now has a Facebook page.  Umeed provides opportunities for disadvantaged women and children in Pakistan.  You can help by […]

  • Cycling into next week

    Getting into this cycling thing, I decided that I should really test out the new(ish) bike and take it for a good long run… To St. Beuno’s and back. This was a test run for next week as we are away at the St. Beuno’s centre for three days. It was about 20 miles or […]

  • Yr Wyddgrug

    Or Mold, if you prefer. No, not the stuff that festers atop the last slice of bread in the umpteenth bag you pull out of the bread box, that has a ‘u’ in it, but the little gem south of Holywell, about 10 miles round trip away. More of these entries seem to be talking […]

  • Llanfair Talhaiarn

    This is an unremarkable village in that it really is nowhere, at least, it is now, nestling 5 or so miles south of Abergele on the banks of the Elwe river. You would be forgiven for suggesting it is just a postcard village and if you read the village web-site you would be forgiven for […]

  • Back to College

    We, that is the Deacons in Wales who were ordained this year, are back in college for a few days. It is certainly strange being back, I did not envisage missing much, yet the nostalgia attached to being here is certainly quite unsettling. I think it must be the lack of being on show, able […]

  • visitation

    A Bishop’s visitation shortly after ordination does seem a little over the top, but one cannot choose when they happen!! We actually had a reasonably interesting day walking from Llanasa to St. Asaph with Deanery clergy, the Bishop, Dean and a few others. It was good to see a bit of Wales without a car, […]

  • Itchy feet

    No, not athletes foot… We all went off to North Wales last week to see a possible place for a title parish. I had already visited the vicar to see if it would be possible, but this was a longer visit with time to reflect on the town. A small place, much like Caernarfon, a […]