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  • Wilderness

    I’ve been reading I, Daniel Blake.  It is a true story, though not real.  The contents of the story are happening all around us, though this particular telling has not actually taken place.  It is in some sense a wilderness book.  It leads us to a place from where there can be no escape if […]

  • The devil wears the wilderness well

    The devil wears the wilderness well. Devil attacks when it’s easy – when we are vulnerable and in need.  Our basic desires are attacked with temptation:  Bread for the hungry.  Riches for the poor.  Power for the weak. But is this true:  What is it the hungry truly need, but any meal.  What do the […]

  • Life, Death and Neighbours

    Magazine letter for October: A time when we are in the midst of the refurbishment of a church… Life, Death and Neighbours. That is I think, a pretty good description of humanity.  We live our life, always aware that it has a beginning and an end.  The art of living a life so fulfilled that […]

  • Fear is in the air…

    … and the magazine letter is late. (as usual) Fear is in the air, you can smell it! You can see it as well, the shop assistants giving out adverts in the street for their latest offers, the new signs going up pointing to various retail establishments, information about flu precautions. We used to be […]

  • Lent One: About a Boy

    I have been fascinated with the film About a Boy for a while and used it to convey a message about the trinity, well Lent has come around, so now I have been busily delving into the richness of this film again, this time for a whole series of Lent sermons all based around charachters […]