Lent One: About a Boy

I have been fascinated with the film About a Boy for a while and used it to convey a message about the trinity, well Lent has come around, so now I have been busily delving into the richness of this film again, this time for a whole series of Lent sermons all based around charachters and images in the story.  I know roughly how it all ends up – but getting there might be interesting!!

Here’s the first installment:  Will Freeman and the Wilderness

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2 responses to “Lent One: About a Boy”

  1. John Davies Avatar

    On the day I was ordained a friend gave me a copy of the book About a Boy. Thought it was an unusual ordination gift; turned out to be one of the best. Especially being, in every way, a bit of a solitary myself. Your Lent talk raises some good challenging questions.

  2. Stuart Avatar

    Writing that was almost a self appraisal. I find it far easier to over regulate time through the day so that I have an excuse not to do other things – i’m experimenting with a clearer diary this Lent, (though i’ve not told the parishoners!! One step at a time!!)

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