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  • Eh Jesus?  Yes Peter?  They’re going to kill you for that Jesus!

    Eh Jesus? Yes Peter? They’re going to kill you for that Jesus!

    After the flags and the palm branches and the manic crowd laying their cloaks in the road, the so called triumphal entry looks a little different the morning after.  It’s a bit like a party at which something unwelcome has happened half way through, or someone uninvited turns up late and a little too drunk.  […]

  • Epiphany: offerings that cost us nothing?

    “We will not offer to God, offerings that cost us nothing” An opening verse and response from the morning prayer of Iona Abbey. Offerings for a newborn:  The top ten required gift items maybe?  Cloth nappies wraps & pins, changing mat, grow-suit, (Though it seems you can spend your life in one of these now […]

  • no lightening bolts…

    I was jumped upon to lead a little prayer time and impromptu Eucharist last night,  fortunately I had my phoneand therefore access to this meditation which I used as a prayer of blessing with a few on the spot changes to include the wine.  No lightening bolts as yet – so I’m guessing I’m safe!!

  • Lent One: About a Boy

    I have been fascinated with the film About a Boy for a while and used it to convey a message about the trinity, well Lent has come around, so now I have been busily delving into the richness of this film again, this time for a whole series of Lent sermons all based around charachters […]

  • Back to Egypt

    I’m sure most organisations suffer from this syndrome, it’s something which seems to effect everyone from time to time, ‘nothing must change’, ‘it was far better before’, the so called ‘Back to Egypt Brigade’ have been in full force recently.  I caught the beginning of John Bell speaking at Greenbelt and reminded me of this […]

  • Saturday: two weeks ago

    There are not many occasions to be totally pampered for little outlay, but this morning was certainly one of those times. A small B&B called ‘Colryn’ on the hill in Oban was perhaps one of the best places I have yet stayed. Mouth watering with beautiful food I had to depart for the islands. The […]

  • You got up at what time?

    This time two weeks ago I was on a train near Carlisle. Not an inspiring place to be, but on the way to a far better place… Glasgow , after that Oban (for a night) and eventually later the next day to Iona. Getting up at stupid o’clock to catch the early train to Crewe […]

  • The Iona Community

    is an ecumenical Christian community of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Christian church that is committed to seeking new ways of living the gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s world. www.iona.org.uk