Saturday: two weeks ago

There are not many occasions to be totally pampered for little outlay, but this morning was certainly one of those times. A small B&B called ‘Colryn’ on the hill in Oban was perhaps one of the best places I have yet stayed.
Mouth watering with beautiful food I had to depart for the islands. The large willow contraption was still collecting comments as I wandered through the early morning streets of Oban playing the usual game of guess the students!
I have arrived on Iona many times, but this I think breaks all records! After a good lunch in the Keel Row with Sarah (my partner in crime for the week), (the willow safely dispatched with some other people I knew going on to the island) we wandered down to the ferry.
Just the two of us on the ferry!! What an entrance! Shame there was no one there to see it!!!

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