The Bread man Cometh

I wonder what your bread habits are??

I have been writing about bread for a few days, but have come a little unstuck.  I like my bread home-made, with as few ingredients as possible, so whilst reflecting on a bread delivery man, I thought I had better gather some other ‘bread habits’ if you don’t mind sharing them!! email or comments as you like…

What do you buy regularly if you have the widest choice?

What do you go for if there are slim pickings at the last minute?

Any favorite bread items?

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






One response to “The Bread man Cometh”

  1. Dot Avatar

    I go for the brownest, wholemealiest bread in the shop – if I buy bread! If I am buying for my youngest it will be Warburtons white (yuk- apart from occasionally!!)

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