the way, the truth, the life

I reminded myself of some comments I made whilst being interviewed for the Diocesan Mag this week, namely that I (we) should make time to prepare properly for worship, making time amongst the pressures around. However, breaking my own suggestion, I kind of rushed the sermon on Sunday.

I wonder whether I was too keen to point out that I felt awkward with the passage and its use in being a gatekeeper to the kingdom when really the only judge is God. I’m not sure how it was taken, though there were some kind comments afterwards.

I am sure though that with longer reflection on the passage I would have probably approached it slightly differently.

So, in penance I have decided to re-write, well actually write (I only preached from notes) the sermon out in full. Since I am away for a few days, (see the last post) (it’s dry and warm, no soggy cycling!!) I shall perhaps post it on my return having had a few days to mull it over!!

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