5 days to go…

What is it about cardboard boxes that makes them hang about forever. I have tried to empty them, yet more seem to appear out of nowhere.
Grumbling aside – (don’t get me started on the weather… it’s called Holywell cloud apparently.) it is good to be settled in one place for a while at least, well, longer than last time anyway. It is also good to be starting working as well, no matter what people may say I am actually looking forward to it – don’t really know what I am supposed to be doing exactly just yet, however – I was browsing through some old college magazines and read something that one of the clergy from this diocese wrote about the beginning of ministry – mostly about it being like a goldfish bowl! – but it was about walking up and down the high street chatting, which in the end could take three of four hours. I know the parish she was in doing that, it was mine over the other side of North Wales, so knowing the size of that (small) and looking at the town centre, it should take me about a day to get the kids to school…

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