A week in the wilds

There is nothing like a week in the wilds of Scotland with a crazy bunch of people who you only meet once in a while to soothe the soul!

Having just returned from community week on Iona, I am still in that place between, not yet fully in touch with the ground, but not still away from it either. I guess that is what happens when you spend an intense week with people you relate to in a really deep level, even though we only meet occasionally.

Being given time to really discover the meaning of friendship, fostering new relationships and deepening old ones was the order of the week and despite the issues and uncertainties of returning home, there has been a real calming of the spirit.
The result of journeying together… Long may it continue!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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  1. Kathryn Avatar

    I know what you mean. x

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