A weekend of food

Well it seemed like it anyway!

Ironic that we have to travel about 30mins away to go to the farmers market to get meat and eggs which are grown just up the road!!

It was worth it though, buffalo sausages, buffalo topside, veg and organic eggs.

We got some lovely fresh broad beans, not a vegetable that I really remember enjoying, always tough skins and probably overcooked.  We followed HFW’s recipe for beans on toast.  Broad Beans, flash boiled for a minute or two, bacon, spring onions, (from our garden) lemon juice, salt and pepper.  It really does make a difference to a bean I was not so sure about!

Meanwhile in our garden, the tomatoes are now taking over the greenhouse, the tallest has four trusses set, it might even  make five, although if it does we may be making green tomato chutney!!

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