A whole stool in one day?

Well it was a little optimistic to expect a whole stool in one day.

Here’s how far i’ve gotten…
plank of wood Ok not much yet, but just wait!

So why a stool, well it’s a long story, I used to do a bit of Zen and could sit on the floor with minimal help. Well it seems that those days are passing and sitting like that is quite painful, so in order to alleviate the pain I need a small stool much like the Taize style ones. Short of going to France… So I decided to make one, have wood, got tools – make stool!

Oh and a little light reading besides, finally I have picked up a book given me on leaving the chaplaincy ‘Zen Meditation’ plain and simple.

Well, I never found it simple!

Stool progress photos to follow!

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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