Autumn Despair, Spring Hope

You wept bitterly in the early autumn sun.

Golden tears turned from the sky earthed.

Your glorious array of colour vibrant life

Littered away in a stray breeze released.

Grieving the splendour once a

majestic arch stands alone bereft.

Mourning life stood proud in the sun

now desolate carpet of decay.

The last goodness leaches out into the

damp soil beneath as small tendrils of mist

condense in a waning sun. Come now

see what death has become.

Out of the warm blanket of leaves,

rising toward the empty canopy which gave it life

hibernation breaks with new growth in the midst of chaos.

One life gives legacy for the other

the warm sap rises and the last sweet song

of the leaf is not her autumn colours.

As winter despair gives way to hope a

new canopy rises from the ashes of the last.

Er Cof – Brenda

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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