Category: Poetry

  • In sight of Seriol

    In sight of Seriol

    Enlli, in memory only, as elusive as the silken light  which slips through the clouds of the morning.

  • On the coffin trail

    On the coffin trail

    An out of the way place offers a moment to rest on the way though the path is not easy…

  • Breaking


    He was made known to them in the breaking of the bread. Tearing apart of a loaf, as the crust breaks, crumbs fall and the heart is exposed. Bread tears along the strands which cling together like sinews then suddenly part opening up the heart of the loaf. Whole, it is of little use, but […]

  • In the garden

    In the garden

    In the half light shade nor shadow yet distinguished. Expectations come of a dawning; for all in that moment to be well before sleep has properly passed. The beauty of that fragile garden now all but out of reach save for a glimpse of light between trees  in muffled footsteps  in the stillness of the morning A softening of breath gives credence to all that exists Now the darkness, watch and pray.Prayer […]

  • Shadows

    The shadows shine  Darkly behind all they were  An imprint of their lives upon our own Outlines remain yet nothing inhabits the space Memories on an ink pad never refreshed Become background noise to the daily clamour Threads all but gone yet woven still Half remembered conversations drift Waking dreams of lives entangled till Fading […]

  • Unfolding the heavens

    I can do no more than stand in wonder whilst earth rises to each footfallsilken skies crowned in shades of light bright lit for the momenthaloed, darkening as the remains of the day’s sun and rising moon co create the eternal.I might have disbelieved myself had we not walked in companyfor the gift was composed […]

  • Alban Arthan – Winter Solstice

    Cynhelir mewn golau cannwyll Calonogir gan drydar Disgwylir y golau gwawrio Cradled in candlelight Encouraged by birdsong Anticipating the light to come

  • Calan Gaeaf – All Hallows

    Cysgir natur, daw’r tywyllwch Rhwng bywydau daearol a dragwyddol Tenau’r fêl gwawn Nature sleeps, the dark comesBetween temporal and eternal worldsThe veil thins to gossamer. 

  • Sparkly eyes and a button nose

    Finally I see themand wonder how could I notas you ask after me.There were others in the room of coursebut only one with colourful hat in contrast to the anonymous green you wearyour smile behind the mask and laughwith me as you inject my arm.The sparkling eyes and button nose were all I saw till […]

  • Alban Hefin Summer Solstice

    Coda, distewi, synfyfyrio yng nghanol yr haf dros yr olygfa ymlaen ac yn ôl cyn disgynnol Rise up, becalm, contemplateat midsummer the view ahead behind before descending