On the coffin trail

An out of the way place offers a moment 
to rest on the way though the path is not 
easy up the winding trail the coffins were 
once drawn part river bed it offers no sleep 
for those weary of life.  As the bell tolls 
drawing us on the path encloses, comforts, 
becomes an old friend.  Sacred and secular 
are drawn here not for hymns or liturgies, 
but for her ancient simple silence offered 
by wood and stone.  Walkers intent on their 
journey become pilgrims for a time and stop 
awhile to refresh in a generous welcome.  

And determination grows for the journey on 
the mountain path beyond as quietness returns
to her walls she awaits new visitors to bathe in 
an experience of the other.

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~





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