In sight of Seriol

Sat in sight of Ynys Seriol what would such a saint 
make of us waiting for the tide as earth rolls 
toward the light which dawns around 
as oceans, quiet now roll gently by.
Enlli, in memory only, as elusive as the silken light 
which slips through the clouds of the morning.

Perhaps we were neither ready nor worthy to visit her shore this time; to wait among the stones and listen for distant echoes of another’s journey. Until we cast off the burdens of our need and sow within ourselves the way of providence. She will continue to draw us, encourage us in our yearning that one day as we come to who we are, we might just be fit and ready for the kingdom realising then almost too late it has been with us all the way.

Stuart Elliott
Pererindod bron at Enlli Mis Gorffennaf 2023

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