Bact to the illusion

There is a fine line which is the Cardiff Road. It seperates my house from the college, yet in reality, there must be a five mile gulf between the two.

The reality of life a home is a far cry from the apparent unreality of college. Although we have only just begun, in fact only had one day where we all got together for a chat and to welcome the new students, catch up etc. There is something so different about crossing that line that it is almost impossible to articulate.

I must have a switch inside which clicks over on crossing the road!

I feel already this year being different, being somewhat less of a struggle, is that because we are second years? Or because I used we, not I?

I must admit it doesn’t feel like a ‘we’ there were no kindred spirits untill recently and the gulf is growing…

~ rhannu os ti isio ~ do share ~






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