Bells, bells, bells,

no not the whisky!

Can’t help reflecting that the useful college bell that tolls at meals and chapel must be very odd for those around the college. We know when to salivate or kneel, (very pavlovian). But for those living around us the bells ringing out every day four or five times a day must be quite strange. It’s useful for us, but is it really annoying for everyone else??

I may have to ask some of those I know who live on the road beside us what they think.

Perhaps it is just another unknown ritual!!

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2 responses to “Bells”

  1. Royston Avatar

    Hello there!

    I came accross your blog while looking for information on St. Michael’s College. I’m currently a pre-ordinand from Monmouth diocese, and have heard that the CiW tries to send most of its ordinands to St Michael’s. I think i’d prefer to be in England for training, if I get through, probably Staggers or Mirfield. What’s St Michael’s like? Are there many Anglo-Catholics? How many full time Ordinands does it have?

  2. Gary McMurray Avatar
    Gary McMurray

    College bells… oh the joys! In our college (Dublin), we only have bells before the chapel services, but it’s a handbell, with someone walking along the residential corridors (three) ringing the bell; as well as visiting the main front area and the dining room.

    The usual cry as you walk along the corridors is either ‘Unclean, unclean!’ or ‘Bring out your dead’

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