Beyond These Shores

It is 20:20 Vision Sunday here in the Church in Wales today which counts most of us out as the majority will not have as good eye sight as that, and it probably counts the rest out and most of us out a second time for wondering what exactly does 20:20 Vision mean and how does whatever it is translate to us in a church community on the Third Sunday of the Kingdom Season in 2014 in a small rural(ish) parish in the little known and oft forgot corner of north west Flintshire.  Now I can do a very good line in self depreciating humour – however perhaps today is not the day.  I hesitate to begin to sing the praises of the 20:20 vision because often we can feel like the worthless servant in the Gospel story with little to work with and even less inspiration thinking that whatever we do someone will do it bigger and better – so what’s the point!  I remember offering you a bag of money three years ago this Sunday.  Whatever it was that was brought out of the bag was yours to use for the Kingdom.  The delight of those who drew out larger amounts quickly diminished when they realised the charge that came with it – take whatever you have been given and use it for the kingdom.  But I think the reverse was probably true as well, the relief of those who drew out the smaller denominations of coins – there’s not much I can do with this… thank goodness I didn’t grab the fiver!  And therein lies the challenge.    Do we follow the way of the world and seek vast profits or a comfortable income or do we allow the spirit to carry us, with what little we have got come what may?   It seems to me as a church with 20:20 vision we have been set out to sail to allow the wind to blow us where it chooses and for many that is a scary prospect as it removes the certainty and comfort that church can often bring.  I wasn’t ordained Priest in God’s church to be comfortable.  But I was given something to journey with and I want to reflect on that with you today as we feel our way in this new journey onto which we are cast.  Some words from a song which we are going to hear in a moment:  Beyond these shores into the darkness.  Beyond these shores this boat may sail.  And if this is The Way then there will be a path across this sea.  And if I sail beyond the farthest ocean or lose myself in the depths below wherever I may go your Love surrounds me, for you have been beyond these shores – Beyond these Shores.  Listen to it here

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